Youtube videos not being able to be played

  • So I can barely play any youtube videos in Vivaldi, even at 360p. I can play them fine in Google Chrome at 1080p/720p. Anyone have a fix or anything?

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    Before we can fix it with you, we need some information and explanation by you.

    Which Vivaldi version?
    Which Windows version?
    Any codecs packages on Windows installed?
    What does that mean when Youtube videos are not able to be played?

  • Version 1.1.453.59
    Windows 10
    No Codecs that I'm aware of/can remember (unless you count flash player and unity)
    Youtube videos lag a lot, and often stop to "load" even though there's a large portion of the video already buffered, there's no reason for the video to be lagging or stopping to "load".

    Sorry for the late reply. should have included this stuff in my OP.

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    I dont have such problems with Vivaldi 1.2 32bit on Windows 10x64.
    You may try latest Snapshot wich has some fixes.

    Which information is shown for video in context menu if you select "Stats for nerds"?


    That's what is shown for "Stats for nerds".

  • Hi, bro.

    Please read this thread:

    Perhaps the proposed solutions can help you

    What video cards do you have?

  • Bonjour,

    Youtube is very problematic in Vivaldi, I can read video but it's very long to download and then not good to see… ie wait few minutes watch few seconds... wait few minutes watch few seconds...
    I have dragon (chromium) too and youtube video play well.
    This problem is not new and it is the same throw the last 1.1.453.59 version...

  • …and it is the same regardless of windows OS (latest 7 or 10)

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    …and it is the same regardless of windows OS (latest 7 or 10)

    Hm. YouTube is totally non-problematic here. Plays without problems, and without delay.

    Could you let us know something about your platform, your hardware, your Vivaldi version number, and what extensions you have installed? The developers can only fix a thing if they can replicate it.

  • It is a laptop clevo P750zm with lastest drivers win7 (i7,16Go, GTX970m… all work fine...)

    Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (32 bits)
    Révision c26c0312e940221c424c2730ef72be2c69ac1b67
    Système d'exploitation Windows
    Blink 537.36 (@c26c0312e940221c424c2730ef72be2c69ac1b67)
    JavaScript V8
    Agent utilisateur Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/50.0.2661.102 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/1.1.453.59

    I have no extension installed.

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    Thanks. And I guess I should have asked, if it's ALL youtube videos, or just some? If only some, can you provide a link to one that is problematic? Again, thanks.

  • It's for all video…
    In fact, it is a few long to connect and show youtube page so perhap's it not the video format to incriminate.
    In dragon no such thing...speed is normal to the web medium connection we have.


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