Vivaldi closed itself down, now wont re open?!

  • hi i have been having trouble with Vivaldi i really like this browser but i think am going to be forced to use something else, i am using windows 7 ultimate edition. i downloaded it a day ago and i went on you tube and it closed itself down half way trough a song, every time i click on the browser it lights up at the bottom near start then dissapears it wont open at all not even running as admin, i went and uninstalled the browser and thought ill give it a second chance so i reinstalled it and it was fine all over night and all next day untill now, it closed itself again and now it wont open. i dont want to be uninstalling and reinstalling it everyday, i really like this browser and i got use to it, i was happy with the broswer but i feel like am being forced to go back to opera any ideas on a fix for this?

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    Did you make any changes or install any extensions after you installed Vivaldi?

    And are you using Win7 X86 or X64 and, if 64, which version of Vivaldi do you have - 32 or 64? And what version number?

  • its 64 and i havnt added anything iv left it like it was, and the one on vivaldi homepage 1.1


    its 64 and i havnt added anything iv left it like it was, and the one on vivaldi homepage 1.1

    The 64 bit version is not the suggested one, and the 1.1 is not the latest version. Go to to grab the latest version and possibly use the 32bit flavor, no matter if you are using a 64 bit os.

    That said, possibly you have just the session files corrupted.

    Be sure vivaldi is fully closed using the taskmanager, then delete the files last tabs, current tabs,last session and current session, from your user profile folder.

    Then Vivaldi should start again

  • how do i delete the files i dont know what folder you meaning

  • vivaldi://about/

    to see the exact path of your profile

  • was i ment to type that into my address bar? am using opera atm as its not opening but when i coped and pasted it just brought me to google


    was i ment to type that into my address bar?

    Sorry, obviously that doesn't work if you can't open vivaldi

    Anyway your V profile is inside your windows profile

    C:\Users{your username}\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

  • i got on to it but it dont have any of the files you mentioned only the one in this pic

  • Look, probably is better if you just uninstall Vivaldi taking care to check the removal od the user data.

    That will clean your vivaldi profile all together requiring practically zero IT skill.

    Usually I don't suggest to do that but given you have Vivaldi installed freshly I assume you aren't going to loose anything of important.

    BTW you probably won't see your windows profile folder because you have yet to configure windows to show the hidden files.

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