Keyboard shortcut madness?

  • I'm having all kinds of trouble with un-documented (at least that I found so far) and unchangeable keyboard shortcuts to the point of making the browser almost unusable. I was able to remove the 1-2-3-4 keys for Tab switching, but none of the other keys are configurable at the user interface. The 6-7-8-9 zoom keys and Z-X back/forward actions along with some others are taking effect in some webpage entry locations. For example: - I cannot enter a comment to a thread because the navigation keys cause all kinds of shenanigans as I type. I logged onto and watched the screen zoom in and out as I typed numbers into a field. I am using Kubuntu 14.04.1 LTS fully updated 64 bit and today's version of Vivaldi's .deb download.

  • I am having the same problem with Vivaldi (downloaded a few days ago) on my mac (OSX 10.10.2). Is there a solution? I like easy keyboard shortcuts, but these make filling online forms/usernames/passwords basically impossible.

  • Default shortcuts seem to work properly, but I can confirm that customization is buggy both on Windows and on OS X.
    Another semi-related bug: on an IPB-based forum, typing in "-" results in zooming the page out - the character itself is typed in correctly, but zooming shouldn't happen while the focus is on a text input field. I think it's a Blink bug, a recent version of Opera also had it.

  • Hey guys, we have some known issues on this that we are working on fixing.
    Shouldl be fixed in our first update eta next week 🙂

  • Great - love the look and speed. I'm not a big keyboard shortcut guy anyway so more ability to de-configure those or an editable location where they can be totally controlled would be great.

    I'm a linux user so I usually expect some ability to configure things to my liking. There's a discussion thread over at regarding Vivaldi and our experiences with it.

  • Same issue here, nice to see it's being worked on.

  • I placed this post here, because I'm not a keyboard fun, and I don't like to have a keyboard madness. I prefer using the mouse, so don't overlook it. There is no use in suggesting new features, I want everything there was in Opera 12 and you know perfectly well what I'm talking about! So please, introduce all Opera's 12 mouse gestures
    As it is now all the basics are there, but I miss:
    1. Open link in new background tab (only possible by wheel pressing)
    2. Stop loading tab
    3. Tab wheel scrolling & preview
    4. Previous/next page
    The thing is: In tech preview Vivaldi is by far better than most of the rest browsers. Keep up the good work!!!

  • This vivaldi shortcut thing is really getting me mad!
    I can't even write an email withou vivaldi jumping panes and going back in the history and stuff like that.

    I also deleted all shortcuts from vivaldi, but then you have to restart it in order to update it. But after logging out my pc the shortcuts appeared again!!! ARGH!!!!!!

    I'm using windows by the way.


  • Left click on a link and move away from link if wrong one causes browser to disappear. Only way I found to view again is close processes in Task Manager and restart Vivaldi which restarts with tabs as they were.

  • Vivaldi does not seem to detect properly when you are in a text field/form. I noticed for example that in some websites and forms, when you hit the backspace key, it goes a page back instead of deleting text. It detects a browser function instead. Or when pressing a number it selects a tab instead of typing that number. In some when pressing enter you lose focus.

    In some websites like you said its completely unusable, as you cannot type anything without activating some browser function. In some other websites it seems to work fine, which is strange.

    This is a nasty bug if you ask me. In some websites you basically need to open a new browser to use it as the text fields and form there cause problems, so far I noticed more websites cause problems than those that don't. In those where you have problems, in some I cannot finish 4 words before hitting some key which causes the page to go back, or a lost focus or change tab, or something else.

  • Is that the TP or the update (released Tuesday)? At least some shortcut issues were fixed in the update.

  • fixes confirmed

  • Yep, seems to be fixed on Windows too. Drove me mad trying to type my card details in!

  • Was that build If so, it's still not working properly on Google+.

  • Yep, I'm using that version too and you're right, numbers seem fine but backspace is still taking me back a page rather than deleting (when entering a status, search bar is fine) when on G+ - other sites seem fine e.g. Twitter status & other webforms.

    (I'm on a Lenovo laptop running Win 8.1)

  • I'm having the enter issue on version (Developer Build) - whenever I press enter in any form, it applies the newline but the cursor disappears - the field I've been typing in is still the one with focus, but the cursor is no longer active in it. Very frustrating.

    Currently running Windows 8.1 64-bit. The backspace issue is not affecting me.

  • Isn't <esc>supposed to close the settings (or any other) dialog?


  • Thanks, knowing the latest version number helped me find where to download it from, and you're right, issue solved 🙂

  • @someone:

    Isn't <esc>supposed to close the settings (or any other) dialog? …</esc>

    It probably should, or at least it does in most other software. However, it doesn't seem to in Vivaldi on my system. It may be just another "rough edge", or else there may be some intentional reason for it, currently or later on. You might want to report it as a bug.

  • @Blackbird:

    You might want to report it as a bug.

    Done, thanks for confirmation.



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