Todoist for Gmail Extension - authentication failing

  • Howdy! I am using Vivaldi 1.1 and 1.2. This issue appears in both versions. I installed the Todoist for Gmail extension. It adds a button to a gmail message window to create tasks in Todoist from a message. This extension works in Chrome but fails in Vivaldi during authentication. [ul] [li][b]What I tried[/b]: clicking the "Add to Todoist" button on a gmail window.[/li] [li][b]What I expected[/b]: A pop-up window appears. First time, enter Todoist credentials (I am not credentialling via google but with my todoist userid and pwd) and then see a "new task" form with details of the email prefilled; subsequently, I should see the "new task" form without the sign-in form.[/li] [li][b]What actually happened[/b]: I see the sign-in form from todoist in the pop-up window. I enter credentials and then see a message in the window, "Bad Request. CSRF tokens mismatch"[/li] [/ul]I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the extension. Happy to try other work-arounds or tests. Cheers!


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