Usability review of Vivaldi.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Hi, This usability review is worth seeing. It is both instructional and constructive. Since it's focused on Linux I add it here. //Christan

  • I often enjoy watching Spatry's Linux videos… but not this one. I was astounded that he spent no time properly -- fully -- exploring Settings, & making appropriate selections therein, before he began mouthing off negatively. I thought that was surprisingly amateurish.

  • Moderator

    i agree to Steffie, the author of the video did not explore much.
    OK, some settings are really hidden, and Vivaldi needs a better explanation of some settings, and a enhanced FAQ and Help and… and....
    But i know writing good help and instructions (same as technical manuals) is a separate real job. So we can be proud and happy to have some users enhancing this.

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