Show dial nickname instead of page title or url?

  • I notice when I add a new dial it starts out showing the url. Then after a bit it shows the page title. But unless I select a folder of shortcuts and make it the dial folder, it seems to have no means to use the names I gave the shortcuts. When creating a shortcut it has a line for nickname but it does not seem to use it for anything. Slowly but surely I am whipping it into shape. 🙂 Edit: OK. I got it. Click on the title in the dial. It is a bit disconcerting that every time I edit anything, even a bookmark, it seems I have to close then open the browser for it to show up though. I notice even stuff that should be solid like pressing F6 to show the bookmarks panel, does not work reliably. It seems to be hit and miss for quite a bit of basic stuff.


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