Initial nitpicks and wishlist

  • I will admit, since this just came out, I haven't had all THAT much time to delve into things, but I do at least have a few initial things to make a note of. First off, some (minor nitpicks) - menu: I am running a 3x1 monitor setup at the moment, with the central screen usually the main one and try to run maximized or split windows. When clicking the icon on the left of the title bar to bring up the menu the menu list comes up to the left of the icon placing it on the next screen over. While usable, it is somewhat non-standard behavior and a bit jarring and possibly annoying. -tab cycle order: First off everyone has their preferred way of dealing with tabs. Mine is to cycle in tab bar order without concern for tab usage history. Right now CTRL+TAB seems to cycle in recently used order or something like that to where I can press the key and end up being taken to the tab to the left rather than the right (there's a bit of interface lag that makes it a bit hard to determine behavior when I press that a few times rapidly). I have also been unable to actually bind CTRL+TAB or CTRL+SHIFT+TAB to next and previous tab in the settings. It would be nice to be able to choose the default cycle tab order as well as be able to rebind CTRL+TAB. -Taskbar button: Right now the taskbar button just says Vivaldi. it would be more useful to have just the browser icon then the name of the webpage open in that window A Wishlist/suggestion -New Tab open location: Some browsers let you define where a tab opens, some don't. I would very much like that feature. I would like to be able to have the option to open net tabs from a link either to the end of the tab list or right next to the opening windows, and I would also like the option to have tabs opened from a link automatically join/create the tab stack with the parent page. (additionally give the option of opening next to current tab or at the end of the stack). I would also like to choose where blank tabs open when you hit +CTRL+T (most browsers open the tab at the end of the tab list, my preference is to open them next to the tab I am using) -Tab colors: It's great that tabs are colored based on the page, but when you aren't using a tab or a stack they are all white, I would very much like to still have some color for differentiation albeit faded so you can tell the focus tab. -Tab stack management: Along with the aforementioned ability to open new links to the same tab stack, I would like to have the ability to expand stacks, both manually and automatically when I switch to a tab in the stack. Also users should be able to choose to have stacks expanded by default with the ability to then manually collapse stacks. Also it would be nice to be able to handle as many tabs as users want. Browsers tend to just keep resizing the tabs down. Some never stop leaving you trying to click on slivers, some, once you get to the minimum size actually send the tab bar off the window so you can't actually click on the tabs. In both cases, at a certain point you can't see the website icon anymore. A better behavior would be to let the tab bar scroll, and/or just have pages (tab over to the end of the tab bar and it goes to the next set of tabs), maybe treat it as a tab superstack. Another option to let users choose would be to be able to add a second level of tabs (after a certain point, new tabs open in a second tab bar below/to the side of the current one). Also potentially let users choose minimum tab size, or at the very least, set the minimum to a size where we can still see the site icon. -Pinned Tabs: I would appreciate the ability to pin tabs like in opera. there's a few tabs that are pretty much permanently open, and I'd like to be able to enforce that behavior in the face of accidental mis-clicks. Also being able to reduce the tab size down to just the site icon would be helpful to save space with permanently resident pages. - tab previews: let us have the option to view tab stacks as a list rather than thumbnails as an option. -Tab list: It nice to have a list to slect tabs from when you have a couple hundred. Many browsers show a CTRL+TAB list when tabbing through, it should stay up as long as you hold the tab key though. Additionally the latest Opera has the option of pinning a dropdown to the menubar -Session manager: Opera 12's session manager was great, you could save everything or just a single window to close now and open later, and it autosaved with the option to open a certain session (including the autosave) on browser start. Most other browsers have extenstions for saving and restoring tab groups, but they only save a list of pages. Opera 12 was superior in this fashion since it also saved tab state, so you can have the tab scrolled where you want it as well as have tab history. Some things that could be improved upon would be the ability to have multiple autosaves (i've had an erroneous save in opera before where it overwrote the autosave with nothing after recovering from a crash), and the actual interface extensions like Session Buddy use, are useful. -Tab parking and delayed loading: a couple of features on the latest version of opera that are rather useful are the ability to, upon starting up the browser, delay the loading of tabs until I actually switch to the tab, and the ability to park tabs (suspend the process and at least partially unload from window). I use a ton of tabs, so the ability to unload idle tabs helps memory usage, and the ability to restart the browser without it trying to load everything at once, saves me a couple minutes with the system locked up as the CPU trys to process everything at once. Also it avoids the I have multiple youtube tabs open and they all started playing at once issue. - Decent touch/tablet support: Windows tablets, while still somewhat of a rarity, can be nice to have, and convertibles are plenty popular. Aside from that many new machines have touchscreens whether it makes sens to have them or not. Most desktop browsers fall pretty flat in the touch department. Decent scaling on high DPI screens is a must, of course, but more than that the browser needs to work well with fat fingers; an example of this is the default behavior of most android or iOS browsers where if you click a link when there's a few in close proximity, that spot of the page is zoomed in so you can better pick the link you want. Most desktop browsers don't do that which makes it difficult navigating some pages. -Default save locations: one of my bugbears with basically every browser is that you choose a single default save location, and it either always tries to save it to that location or it tries to save to the last location you chose to save something to regardless of the file contents. Not everyone saves documents, videos and pictures all to the same folder, so it would be nice to be able to remember save locations per file type category (documents, pictures, music, .exe and .msi, etc.) === Anyways aside from that massive bunch of text, aside from being a bit slow (for me) at the moment, it seems to show potential. Right now most of my major browser bugbears aren't around (eg. Chrome's lack of a temp folder to right-click open file). I look forward to seeing what happens with this. I moved on From Opera 12 since it was always unstable for me (since 10 really), but now miss a bunch of features. edit: forgot to add, I like how above a tab stack it has that bar that shows how many tabs are stacked. Much better than I've seen. As bad as Internet Explorer was, I think it does groups the best, so far, but this looks pretty good as well. /edit On a side note, a bit of a question on the nuts and bolts: Does Vivaldi run 32 or 64 bit code? How is the multi core support how is it threaded (eg. groups of tabs share a thread, or a thread per tab, and are extensions like flash kept confined to their own thread so they can't crash the whole browser)

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