[Feature Request] - Download Location

  • Hi Vivaldi, Please add the Ability to browse to set Download Location. Currently it is nearly impossible to change Download Location for [b]basic users[/b] who prefer to use others folder instead of Downloads folder (default). I believe adding the browsing button is not that hard but i'm just not sure how to contribute. Thanks You

  • Moderator

    You will see it if you turn off the "Always Save Files to the Default download Location" setting at Menu/Tools/Settings/Download.

  • @Ayespy i mean with "Always Save Files to the Default download Location" turn on … currently the download box only display the default download path which is of course changeable if one know the exact location. What i mean is something that Chrome and Firefox have been offering.

  • Moderator

    You want that setting OFF, not ON. If you have it OFF, you are offered an option to browse to the wanted folder.


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