"paste and go" search in address bar broken

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    Vivaldi 32 ver 1.2.479.8, Win 10 X64, when using "paste and go" context menu to insert text into the address bar, the browser tries to use the text as a url and go to a nonexistent website, rather than execute a search. I have google set as default search engine. Bug report filed.

  • P&G has never worked as it should. At least from the contextual menu.

    The involved dev told me that he added CTRL+Shift+V, but that for my purpose is useless.

    If I have to use the keyboard, paste then enter, would be simpler than CTRL+Shift+V

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    Ctrl+shift+v indeed works, but that's one habit I'm afraid I could never get into. What's really needed is to get p&g working as expected.

  • Well if you have a spare function on your mouse you can use its configuration or xmouse button to bind CTRL+Shift+V to it.

    Not a proper fix, but better than nothing, for now.

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    Yeah - my mouse has 3 functions - lmb, mmb, rmb. If I did this all the time, it might be worth incorporating some workaround into my repertoire. However, I try to paste-and-go slected text once in a blue moon - thus my surprise when it didn't work. Hence, the rationale that it's better for it simply to work, rather than using workarounds.

    I recommend workarounds to people who are unaccustomed to some Vivaldi mode of operation, all the time. This is one that simply makes no sense for my my use-case. So I trust they will eventually get p&g sorted. Just like people who are frustrated by the lack of dragging tabs to new window - they just don't want to change their habits. Now for THAT function, I could care less - because I never break out a tab to a new window, or transfer tabs between windows. Never. So it's easy for me to tell them "hey - just right-click and select from context menu" because I don't have to actually use my own advice. I get that the tab-drag function is fraught to code. So I'm totally willing to be patient for things to be better-developed - especially for functions that I don't use! 😛

  • I couldn't live with three functions alone.

    My MX revolution has

    the three classic buttons

    the tilting wheel (I use it as a home/page down)

    the two classic forward back /buttons on the left side (configured as volume+/-)

    A side wheel (which is shaped like the main wheel but is more a three functions jog dial) I use it as zoom + 0 -

    And another button labeled search, which has a no standard configuration. Until the GO button will materialize I use it as Enter

    So 11 functions excluding wheel UP/Down.

    I can live with 6/7, but not three. 😛


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