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  • I'd assume others beyond I use the computer for both work and play. Chrome and FF have done a lovely job at providing the ability to create separate user profiles. Thus allowing completely isolated instances of the browser to enable running multiple Gmail accounts, social media accounts, etc to be open at once. Of course, these 2 browsers beat the crap out of my machine's memory usage. So I'm voting to add the ability to create multiple user profiles within Vivaldi. Would likely sell me to move my default browser over.

  • not quite what you want, but just like in chromium (or the new opera for that matter) you can launch vivaldi with different profile directories using "vivaldi –user-data-dir=PROFILE_DIRECTORY" on Linux. I guess there is something similar on Windows

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    great idea! multiple profile is my eternal dream feature request since Opera times

  • Thanks Luzandro. I know there's a similar ability with Safari, but not the ideal solution I'm looking for (also on Mac vs Linux). Greatly appreciate the insights.

  • +1 for multiple profiles

  • Thanks Luzandro
    That exact same command works on windows as long as you command prompt is in the directory that vivaldi.exe is in. For most people this is C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application. To launch a new profile form the desktop you can just make a .bat file with the following code in it.

    cd C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application
    vivaldi –user-data-dir=PROFILE_DIRECTORY

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    You dont need a batch.
    Create a desktop shortcut to C:\Program Files\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe and add the data-dir parameter.
    Thats how my different profiles work.

  • This has come up before, but I'll throw my support behind it again.

    Not only do I have the separation for working projects and play stuff, I also need to have a couple of different profiles running for working projects so I can view the sites I'm working on with different accesses to make sure that those access levels see what they're supposed to see; the easiest way is to just have multiple profiles logged in to multiple browser profiles, and flop between them. This not being an innate setting in Vivaldi is a "You're killing me, Smalls" moment with the browser, because it's really something I need quite frequently, before even getting into the two profiles I use for my personal stuffs.

    I do prefer that the multiple browser profiles be something that can be completely devoid of a log in, like the are in Chrome - as much as you can log into a Google account with each one, you don't have to, and that's lovely. Makes it much easier when an impromptu temporary (say a week or two project) profile is needed too.

    While there are alternatives to having this as an innate features, they're clunky and rather much clutters - needing an icon with the code string to create the profile ticks the OCD a bit. I really hope this feature goes into a build soon!

  • I'm currently trying to setup two profiles here as well. the profile parameter still works well, so i can manually start either the one or the other. but which one feels responsible for the title of default browser? if i open e.g. a link from my mail client, which profile will feel responsible for that? seems the default is the last one used the first profile you installed. apparently this can be configured for chrome by defining the default data dir in the registry:


    how does this work for vivaldi?

    edit: found it via procmon, the key is


    but it overrides the command line, i.e. if that is set, you can't start an instance with a different profile directory any more 😞

  • On linux I was able to write simple alias that creates custom profile:
    put the line (it is single line) in ~/.bash_aliases

    function vivaldip { PROFILE_DIR=$HOME/.config/vivaldi/Profiles/ ; mkdir -p $PROFILE_DIR/$1 ; vivaldi --user-data-dir=$PROFILE_DIR/$1 ; }

    (you need to reload the aliases either by source ~/.bash_aliases or by reopening terminal)

    then run

    vivaldip  <profile_name></profile_name>

    It will create proper directory if it can't find it and set user-data-dir to this folder.

    But I suggest for developers to add something like firefox has. (firefox -p <profile_name>) OR maybe to make profile chooser (simple window with created profiles + option to create new one) if vivaldi is run with this option (-p)
    That would be neat :)</profile_name>

  • Launching with different user-data-dir is not the same. You will launch another Vivaldi instance. There are limitations that come with it.
    What is needed is

  • I am probably missing something as I don't need this, but what's wrong with using the Standalone Install option to different folders?

  • vivaldi --profile-directory=dirname
    or just
    vivaldi.exe --profile-directory

  • @Gwen-Dragon Too complicated

  • @MexiAxel
    In what way?

  • @den_po I just want to say I STRONGLY WARN AGAINST using --profile-directory! I lost all my windows and tabs because of it. I'm very unhappy about it.

  • @den_po I tested --profile-directory just now on my 1.11.917.43 (Stable channel).

    1. I copied my current profile directory to another location
    2. try to start ./vivaldi.exe --profile-directory="d:/downloads/user0/" - was opened new window with default user without any my data. When I closed this window, my main window with my profile was closed too.
    3. try ./vivaldi.exe --profile-directory - nothing happend

    --user-data-dir works fine with my copied profile dir.

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    @hxss You was warned by @robinchew

    @robinchew said in Multiple browser profiles:

    @den_po I just want to say I STRONGLY WARN AGAINST using --profile-directory! I lost all my windows and tabs because of it. I'm very unhappy about it.

  • @gwen-dragon but I wanted to test this by myself))
    I need multiprofile too.

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    Now you can enable User Profile Manager in 2.4 Snapshot at vivaldi://experiments
    Works nice with different profiles.


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