Extension buttons not working in private window

  • Hi folks, I have four chrome extensions installed and running both in standard and private browsing: ABP, Ghostery, Session Buddy and Tampermonkey. Everything works fine in a standard window, but in a private window the extension buttons (on the right of the address bar) become unresponsive. I can see the little highlight when hovering or clicking on them, but nothing else happen, i.e. they all should either open a pop-up-like menu or a tab, but that doesn't happen. ABP and/or Ghostery are somehow working, as I don't see ads nor social media buttons, Session Buddy correctly shows all tabs from all windows when opened from the non-private window, but tampermonkey doesn't load the userscripts that should be loaded in private browsing, although it correctly shows the number of scripts available for the current page. Although Session Buddy's internal [tt]chrome-extension://[/tt] URL only works in non-private mode (it shows the [tt]ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE[/tt] in private browsing), tampermonkey's dashboard open fine when copy-pasting its internal URL in a private tab. I am not sure that it is only Vivaldi's fault, as downgrading to a previous version and testing with a clean profile did not solve the problem. I don't think it is due to extension conflicts either, as disabling some of the extensions did not solve the problem either. As a side note, I did not have this problem with chromium. I am running the latest Vivaldi 1.2.479.8 on Archlinux (from the herecura repo). Does anybody know of this problem?

  • I use Tampermonkey and can confirm that in a private window the menu doesn't open. The extension in question has to be marked "Allow in incognito" in vivaldi://extensions, of course. Then the button will show next to the search bar but doesn't do anything. The Tampermonkey scripts seem to work fine and I can open the Tampermonkey dashboard using the direct URL.

    I tried to search the Third Party & Extensions forum but didn't find anything related to this.

    By the way, the Extensions tab should use "private" instead of "incognito", which is Chromium terminology, shouldn't it? :cheer:

  • I'd just like to confirm that some of my own extensions do not work / are very VERY slow to load in vivaldi in both normal AND incognito mode. (FYI, I have everything enabled in incognito mode)

    It seems that vivaldi has more of an issue not with the "loading" aspect in "incognito" mode but with the ability to "Open the pop-up bubbles" that most extensions have when in the "incognito mode". I have tried 10 random extensions including ABP, UblockOrigin, LastPass, and others. Through my testing I have found that in some cases such as in UblockOrigin, the "pop-up bubble menus" are basically blocked from appearing at all in "incognito" mode. While others like "LastPass" are pretty slow to come up.

    The sad thing is, this isn't only limited to "incognito" mode. In regular mode; while using "LastPass" the extensions seem much snappier in normal mode, but glitches out while I am logging in. It basically sits at the log in pop-up bubble for 20-30 seconds before telling me that my log-in is invalid (which probably means it reaches it's "timeout" limit) but then magically logs me in about 20 seconds afterwards.

    This coupled with the note on the website which states that since vivaldi is a work in progress, some extensions will not work makes me very tempted to go back to the original browser that this is based off of. (chrome) I also do not like the fact that there has been VERY VERY few responses from the developers on issues / feature developments for vivaldi… They should be testing big extensions like "ABP" and "LastPass" before sending out builds so that they know at least the extensions that many people use are working. This makes me very uneasy, and also makes me think that if vivaldi doesn't get the numbers the development head is looking for, they will stop developing vivaldi; which I hope that is not the case.

  • On windows, this was fixed in snapshot Vivaldi 1.3.519.25.
    see https://vivaldi.net/en-US/forum/vivaldi-browser/11685-latest-update-broke-extension-buttons-in-incognito-mode

    Hopefully, that should also fix it for Linux.


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