Blurry Font and Ui after visiting Jquery/html5 embedded video websites

  • Hello Folks, Sometimes I encounter display problems with blurry fonts, dissappearing top-bar and icons. I have tried to reproduce the problem. It mostly happens when I visit websites which uses Jquery and html5 background video. However it doesn't happen every time. So sometimes I have to browse a few websites, switching through tabs, etc. I don't have that problem with google chrome or Firefox. So it is Vivaldi specific. I tried to deactive the "Direct Drawing" option as mentioned in another post about blurry fonts. But it doesn't resolve the issues. I even tried switching to the 64bit version and the latest snapshot release. The problem persists. To give you a better understanding of the issue I did a screen recording. There you can see how the fonts get blurry after opening a html5 background video website. After switching to Fullscreen, the top-bar turns black completely. Opening another site doesn't resolve the issues. From now on every font is blurry and I have to restart the browser. I am using Windows 10 pro, 64 bit Version (10.0.10586 Build 10586) with an nvidia Geforce Gtx 560 GPU (driver 361,91). I really love Vivaldi and I would be very happy to find a solution. Thanks for your help! David

  • However I was able to fix the blurry font problem by doing this steps:


    • Reinstall Nvidia Display Drivers and check "New Installation", which removes the old configuration
    • Disable ClearType on Windows 10 and reenabling it after restart (Thanks Marco!)
    • Changed Windows 10 System Settings to "Optimal Representation
    • Enabled "#disable-accelerated-video-decode" in Chrome Flags

    I hope those workarounds might be helpful to someone else.

  • Created this account just to thank you for sharing your workaround.

    Worked as described.

    Thank you Sir!

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