Unwanted horrible bar below URL bar - cannot get rid of it.

  • [attachment=3584]VIVALDUUNWANTEDBAR.jpg[/attachment] I suddenly have this horrible extra bar below the URL bar, cannot get rid of of it. It changes colour with the website I am on. It has "speed dial" at left, then "technology" then "games" etc, you can see from the screenshot. I really do not know how it got there, I must have hit some key on the left. I am also missing those boxes top left, where it used to say "edit", "file" etc. I clicked on the cogwheel bottom left and clicked on Appearance but I cannot figure out from the terms what box to tick or untick for this weird new bar. Please, can someone show me how to get rid of this awful, space consuming unwanted bar. Thank you in advance. Mabel A. Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/72509/VIVALDUUNWANTEDBAR.jpg[/img]

  • That is the Bookmarks Bar


    • Show Bookmarks Bar

  • THANK YOU TbGbe !!!!!!!!!!

    Unticked the box and all back to normal, phew.

    I really should instruct my left hand fingers to NOT wander off across the keyboard on their own.

    Thanks again!

    Mabel Amber

  • Moderator

    Ctrl+Shift+B shows/hide the bar ;)

  • :) Thanks for that snippet of knowledge!

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