Backspace issue in Flash

  • I've seen a few topics about people complaining that pressing Backspace while typing a forum message would bring them back to the previous page instead of deleting the previous character, and this issue seems to have been fixed. Unfortunately, the issue persists in Flash. I play a number of Flash games on Facebook. Some of them let us type messages to other players, search for specific items in the inventory, specify quantities using the keyboard, and so on. Unfortunately, pressing Backspace doesn't delete text, but rather brings us back to the previous page, which is very annoying. A fix would thus be extremely appreciated. Thanks.

  • There are corner cases where the bug seem still present after it was fixed generally few months ago.

    But you can kill the annoyance yourself, just removing backspace as back shortcut.

    Then you can use CTRL/ALT + left arrow, or you can add your own shortcut to go back via the keyboard.


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