Zoom level unstable

  • First off. Since I last played with the browser,
    Thank you very much. The browser already looks/works great (IMHO).

    I've been playing with
    1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    1.2.479.8 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)
    on a 64-bin Arch Linux system.

    While there are functional differences between the two releases,
    the ZOOM situation is still not perfect.

    Webpages >
    Default Webpage Zoom: a 5-zoom graduation would be nice
    (example: ... 120%, 125%, 130% ...)

    Tab Zoom > "Use Tab Zoom" check box
    A simple, meaningful explanation as to its function would be nice.
    A consistent zoom level across pages would be a must.

    A real/consistent "save" of the zoom last settings would be a must.
    (after one exits the browser, on restart the user should find the start page
    with the last zoom setting. Currently the zoom goes back to 100%.)

    Thanks and best wishes,
    -- Alex

  • Moderator

    Tab Zoom allows you change the zoom in a given tab - and only that tab. In your version number, if you use it, your default zoom setting for the browser is not saved. If you turn it off, and then set a default zoom for the browser, it should remember it between sessions.

  • Hi Eyespy,

    Thanks for the reply.
    There seems to be a difference in what I experience and/or
    my results, so let's start with a more detailed description of my
    actions and with your kind help, we can compare notes.

    I'm using 1.2.479.8 (Developer Build) dev (64-bit)
    (I understand the "snapshot" of a future "stable" version)
    on a 64-bin Arch Linux system, Xorg 1.18.3.
    Vivaldi basic Settings:
    Startup > Homepage (some URL of my choice)
    Startup > Startup with: Homepage

    Basic actions:
    In an Xterm I type
    I do settings/checks, etc., detailed below.
    At the end, I exit back to Xterm.
    I may restart/exit vivaldi for further checks.

    Webpages > Default Webpage Zoom: 125%
    (125% is a setting most convenient for me)

    Webpages > Tab Zoom > Use Tab Zoom: UNchecked

    Start Page screen opens with 100%
    (as confirmed on the Status bar)

    Move the slide on the Status bar to 120% (no 125 possible)
    Fine. The screen (first/original tab) goes to 120%: OK

    Open the next Tab. Start a site in it.
    Problem (arguable):
    The screen goes to 125%

    Close the next Tab (second tab above)
    Start another site in it.
    Problem (arguable):
    The screen goes to 125%

    Exit vivaldi
    Restart vivaldi
    Start Page screen opens at 120%: OK

    The BIG problem (IMHO)
    Default Webpage Zoom: 120% (or 125% or any other value)
    Use Tab Zoom: CHECKED

    Start Page screen opens at 100% (confirmed by Status bar
    (as confirmed on the Status bar). OK (let's be charitable:)
    Move the Status bar slider to 120% (like I said, no 125% - no the end of the
    Exit vivaldi
    Restart vivaldi
    Start Page screen opens with 100%
    (as confirmed on the Status bar)
    Big problem: unexpected, wrong
    (expected: 120% - where I left it)

    ā€“ Alex

  • Moderator

    Conclusion: Default zoom is still buggy.

    You can report to https://vivaldi.com/bugreport.html


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