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  • Hello developers, I just tried Vivaldi browser today, I really felt easy to use it and its current features are really awesome. Nice work guys! Before I tried Vivaldi browser in my new computer (good specs), it worked perfectly without any problems and later when I switched to my old computer (low specs), unfortunately, I found this browser laggy and slow. I'm here to suggest that develop this browser in a way such that it should support computers with low specs. I know it's very early version of browser and many features will be coming soon. But just to make team aware of it, I created this thread. Thanks for reading and understanding.

  • Exactly how low are the specifications of the "low spec" computer? Because it works fine on my lower-end PC's that have 1.80GHz processors.

  • On my HP Elitebook with 6G of ram intel core 2 vpro and ssd drive, highspeed broadband internet, it is the second slowest browser on my system (firefox is the winner for slop) but it's a tech preview, so I only assume speed is going to get better in time. Tab closing is slow, tab switching is slow, page loading is slow.

  • Well in my case its not that fastest thing either. But lets remember they say its not optimized for speed yet.

    Startup is ok, similar to Opera, a bit slower. But creating new tabs and closing tabs is slow. Cycling trough open tabs is terrible slow to the point it lags.

    Opening pages is also slow. At first its gets stuck in the middle of the status loading bar, the suddenly the whole page is loaded but its definitely the slowest browser, slower than Chrome, Explorer, Firefox or Opera in my system when loading pages. Scrolling pages also seems to lag a bit.

    My systems has 2 graphic cards, Intel integrated and Nvidia, but it makes no difference when I run it with Nvidia or Intel its just as slow. System is Intel i5 vpro with 8 gigs Ram.

    I noticed its uses tons of CPU, its seems its related to the GUI in general but I would say its not most slick and fast responding either. The current Opera for example is amazingly fast, in the GUI, webpages, etc. Talking about Opera 27.

    This is something they will surely need to work on, in particular because I read that its slow in more than one post already. So in my system I would say it's the slowest of all browsers installed.

  • Hello all,

    In my case, it is not the slowest browser in my PC. My system specs are here:

  • Same here. However not slow but completely unusable. Similar specs of an ancient pc as above. Opera 12.17 is by far the fastest. This is like one completely huge lag or slide show. :) It could by nice to make some switch from multi process cr*p to single as an option for older PCs, RAM consumption is huge as well…..I can see that this is only tech preview but it doesn't make any big difference when stable build is released in my own experience with other applications. I was thrilled to see worlds like fastest browser out there but it need a lot of tweaking in current state. Pretty slow, choppy and sluggish. I know it will improve upon time but my point is to make sure that developers don't forget about people with older machines. Wish you all the best with your future development.

    BTW Is it only me or vivaldi site is laggy as well? I mean in any browser....very slow, like it freezes for a while or something like that.

  • I have been using Vivaldi Browser the last 2 weeks and can say that with only a few tabs open it is Slow, and with many tabs open it is Very Slow, and if you try to access a site with a picture or video that is large in filesize then Vivaldi comes to almost a 99% stopping point. It took me numerous reboots and hours of waiting to finally close a tab from which I had tried to open a jpeq, once I closed that tab, Vivaldi was relatively responsive to my keystrokes again.
    I left Firefox because of slowness, but may go back and suffer with it (or maybe try Chrome…much as I do not like Google) ,
    IF Vivaldi cannot improve its responsiveness and deal much better with opening jpegs from websites and having a better response with multiple tabs ( I mean 20 - 50 ) open.

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