Has Vivaldi introduced tab pinning in a way other browsers lack?

  • Having not tested other Chromium forks, being more familiar with Mozilla Firefox based browsing, I have noted that pinned tabs often show up on an initial window in a browsing session, but not in secondarily opened windows. Then from the Win7 task bar listing open windows; the question of where was that pinned? What I have seen in Vivaldi, and like a lot, is that a secondarily opened window in a browsing session allows, per the Win7 latest stable release build I am writing from, 64bit - standalone, not a pinned tab repeat in each window; BUT EACH WINDOW ALLOWS A SEPARATE SET OF PINNED TABS. Where I found this useful was in manually tuning an import of Gmail contact links to Vivaldi. Using a *.csv contact transfer function still entails perhaps updating an email address or two, adding more info, or other tuning between both mail contact lists. Pinning one list in one window and the other in another window allowed cross editing better than between tabs of a single window, and the independent pinning capability is nice. Whether it is a Vivaldi feature, or something in Chromium is unknown to me - BUT I LIKE WHAT I SEE, AND BECAUSE SEPARATE PINNING IN SEPARATE SESSION WINDOWS WAS A NEW DISCOVERY TO ME I THOUGHT MENTIONING IT TO OTHERS MIGHT HELP.


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