"Frameless Window Window Wrapper" stopped working with the latest update (1.1.453.59)

  • I have this extension installed, coming from the Chrome extension store (ID: afammnlhelfghkcaaollfdnglinlgafl), which worked well with the previous versions of Vivaldi. However, it stopped working since the last update. What it does, b.t.w.: when going full screen, it turns the screen completely frameless, ie, without the tabs, search bar, bookmark bar, etc. I regularly use my browser to make presentations in HTML+Javascript (instead of Keynote-like tools), and this feature is fairly essential. Actually, I would love if this feature was implemented directly in the browser as an option, instead of the necessity to install an extension. (The extension still works, b.t.w., in the latest version of Chrome that I am therefore forced to use for presentations.)


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