Bookmarks Manager - Scanning for and deleting dead links

  • Hi, it would be great to have an option to scan for and report/delete dead links in the bookmark manager. Regards, Rev

  • Moderator

    Perhaps it would be useful, but it's a task that doesn't need to be done very often. Once in six months is probably enough for most users, and many could not care less if they have a few broken bookmarks. I wonder if it's worth spending time to code this when some third party freeware can do the task quite well?

    Download AM Deadlink from Major Geeks (safe), and export your Vivaldi Bookmarks to an HTML file. Open that in AM Deadlink to check the bookmarks and find duplicates.

    Then I guess you will need to re-import your cleaned up bookmark file, and delete your existing bookmarks. If you still use Opera 12.17 as your default browser, you can clean up Bookmarks.adr using AM Deadlink, then import your Opera Bookmarks again to Vivaldi.

  • Its a low priority feature for sure, but since small things like this contribute to a better overall experience I thought its worth mentioning.

    The required programming effort should be pretty low, but I am aware that there is also debugging, testing etc. involved.

    Thanks for the feedback.


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