Bookmark Bar - Align left/right

  • Hi there. It would be great if left/right alignment of the Bookmarks Bar would be possible, like it was in Opera 12. Being able to have a Icon-only Bookmark Bar on the right is better to handle and looks nice than to have it below the Adress Bar. It also conserves vertical space, while we normally have lots of spare space horizontally. I am a old school Opera 12 user and really like what you have done with Vivaldi so far! Keep up the good work. I am really looking forward to the integrated E-Mail client. Regards, Rev

  • Moderator

    Welcome to the "we would like a vertical bookmark bar" club. We are not as many as I might have initially suspected, but I do see more and more of these comments and it makes me hopeful that our oh-so-sensible preferred option will make it onto the developers' "to do" list.

    Viva vertical bookmarks bar!


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