Need Video Optimization

  • [b]Currently using:[/b] 1.2.479.8 (Developer Build) (32-bit) [b]Operating system:[/b] Windows 10 Home Insider Preview Evaluation copy. Build 14342. [b]Problem encountered:[/b] static audio problem; cursor disappearing and poor web scroll [b]Web site: [/b] While viewing youtube videos, I've noticed a lot of static in the audio. I also noticed that the cursor often disappears while the video is downloading; it's almost like the page freezes during this process. Other browsers on my computer: Opera 37, Edge, and Chrome, do not exhibit this behavior.

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    There are some problems with Windows 10 Insider. But we cant test all insider/unstable/developer versions of all OS. :ohmy:
    I hope this will be fixed in Vivaldi until the Insider gets stable.

    PS: If you test, you should use a Opera and Chrome with same major version of Chrome/51.x which Vivaldi Snapshot has.

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