Drag & Drop download file in a folder

  • Hi friends, I have a small request for Vivaldi downloads. Indeed, the Downloads pane does not allow (in Chrome & Firefox instat) drag / drop files to a folder, such as the desktop. Ideas a little more "original", I was thinking something like: - Special actions with files: for example with a right click on a zip allow decompression, images allow to open with a special program like Photoshop (added in the settings) - Create folders in the downloads section (added in the settings) where we can classify its downloads (images, zip, video, etc ...) Here are some ideas I'd love to Vivaldi. Maybe not original ideas, but drag and drop is something really essential 😞 *** Sorry for bad english, the text are translated by Google... Attachments: [img]https://forum.vivaldi.net/uploads/attachments/81044/dragdrop.PNG[/img]


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