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  • Thank you very much, Vivaldi is so good I would like to spent money. Don't know how. Please E-mail me Sorry, if I'm on wrong place. Change my e-mail to correct place and e-mail me how to spend Vivaldi is best what happened for me in last years.

  • Why not buy some Vivaldi merchandise at:

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi Technologies will not create a donation fund for the browser. Too much work for tax and administration of such thing.

    But as kumiponi said, you can buy some Vivaldi paraphernalia in the shop. 😉

  • very sad, that tax laws and procedures of european countries, blocking everything.

    Will do your proposal, but just wanted to spend to Vivaldi. The browser is very good (at least for me in Linux). Best I had since years. Go on

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    I dont know if it is really a european problem.

    Donations to Vivaldi were already internally discussed and they wont do it.
    The shop, help in forums or giving back some UI patches and enhancements are enough at this time. And it is not usual for a company to receive donations 😉
    You may contact for questions regarding donations.


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