Bookmark Toolbar (folder) broken?

  • Hi, I'm not sure if it's just me but the [b]bookmark toolbar[/b] (folder/arrow drop down menu) seems to be broken. I can't open any bookmarks from the folders and in the drop down menu showing the other bookmarks. I'm on Win7 64-bit and using Version v1.1.453.59 (32-Bit).

  • Nope, works fine on the 64 bit (W7) version - the right click (on a bookmark) menu from there doesn't work though, just executes, no context menu (which makes it unusable to me).

  • Moderator

    Extender menu bookmarks not working in your version was a known bug (fixed in the latest snapshot). However, bookmarks in folders should be working (just click=open). However, bookmarks in folders only open. They can't be moved, edited, etc. in the bookmark bar yet.

  • I checked again and the bookmarks in folders do work, could it be related to another bug I encountered that some functions hang up occasionally? I ask because I tried to open an extension (fvd speed dial) via the icon button, which didn't open until I restarted the browser.

    Good to know that the extender menu bug is fixed though.

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