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  • Just needing some feedback here. I'm currently using 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (32-bit) on a Windows 10 Home Insider Preview, evaluation copy, build 14342. If I go to Tools/Settings/Webpage and select the Default Webage Zoom as 120%, it will work as long as I stay within that session. However, should I close the browser and later open it, the zoom default to 100% -- every single time. Although the setting shows 120%, it opens at 100%. Have others had this issue or is my problem indigenous to my laptop?

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    Do you have Tab Zoom turned on? Until the most recent snapshot, I believe that interfered with default zoom.

    Pretty sure the most recent snapshot permits you to have both settings turned on, and respects them both.

  • Confirmed. I did have Tab Zoom turned on. When I deselected it, the default zoom worked as it should. Thank you for the solution.

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