Youtube does not working

  • There is a problem with the Youtube page: Every time I try to watch a video at youtube, it takes very long to load or even do not load. The complet youtube page is also affected. I do not think, that it depends on my internet connection, because in other browsers youtube works correctly. This bug in vivaldi existing only since a few weeks. I checked flash plugin, but PPAPI Version is correctly installed. So what should I do now? Thanks for ever help! P.S.: Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Germany.:

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    Do the 3 videos on play?

    Some questions to your PC:
    Which Vivaldi version?
    Which Windows version?
    Which security software?
    Which video codecs installed?
    Which graphic card GPU/hardware/driver?

  • Hi, yes all videos did play.

    So here my answers:
    1.: Vivaldi 1.1.453.59 (Stable channel) (64-Bit)
    2.: Windows 10 Build 1511, 64 bit
    3.: Norton Internet Security
    4.: As I know: Adobe Flash, Widevine Content Decryption Module
    5.: Intel HD Graphics Family 4400, driver version (already the newest)

    I hope that I answered all correctly, thanks for your help! :)

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    I hope it is not the slow Intel graphics chip. And i hope you dont scan secure SSL connections by your security software (that slows down).
    Try Vivaldi Latest Snapshot 32bit; sometime the 64bit versions have undetected problems.

  • The same Problem happens at my Asus X555l notebook with Win10
    I tried the 64 bit version and the 32 bit snapshot version but the Videos are still played incorrect
    The buffer sinks on "0" and then you have to wait - sometimes minutes - till it will be new load and when a 3 minute song needs sometimes 6 Minutes it makes no Fun to listen…
    I also tried other browsers like PaleMoon Opera Firefox Maxthon and Avast browser with both engins and I have there no Problems.
    So i don't think that it has something to do with my "old" hardware or internet-connection - the Probleme is only on Vivaldi -It seems to happen "all of sudden" - No matter what happened n the Background sometimes everyhing is open and there is no prob - the same situation later or earlier - not possible to listen..
    (sry for my english...)

  • Hi all!

    When the video on YouTube runs full-screen, autoplay does not work.
    This problem does not occur in the normal window.

    No icon appears in the video command bar to display the next video.

    Only my two cents

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    Perhaps deactivation of Hardware Accelleration might help.

    Try this:
    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#hardware in address field
    Deactivate "Use Hardwareacceleratio when available"
    Restart Vivaldi

  • still happened with Accleration on or out

    Which Vivaldi version? I
    In the moment 1.2.479.8 (Entwickler-Build) (32-Bit)

    Which Windows version?
    win 10 64 bit

    Which security software?
    Panda Free Antivrus

    Which video codecs installed?

    Which graphic card GPU/hardware/driver?
    Nvidia Geforce 820Mm
    intel core tm i3-4010U
    4 GB RAM

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