Vivaldi on Fedora 21

  • I just installed Vivaldi on an iCore7/32G RAM Fedora 21 (MATE desktop) system with 150MBit FIOS. Some quick feedback, 1) Performance is noticeably slower than Firefox or Chrome. Speed is the most important thing in any application. I have the fastest possible system with the fastest Internet connection that you can get in the US unless you live on the two square blocks that can get Google Fibre, so if I notice a lag then everybody will. 2) There are no borders on the window, I hate that. It should be getting the window border from the MATE desktop theme. I've attached some screenshots to illustrate the problem, Vivaldi which does it wrong and Firefox which does it right. I realize that this is very early code, but appearance is important. 3) I don't see a way to adjust font size, did I miss it or is it not there? Attachments: [img][/img],[img][/img]

  • Yes, on my Debian 8.0 system (i7 32G ram) the window is annoying. It's working differently than the whole system. Please dear developers use, the system's wm. My system is not bringing a window to the top when it focused. Not even when I click inside the windows. Only border and title click brings windows the front, and I like it this way. There are some minor bugs, but I understand it is just a preview. Go Vivaldi!

    The black death issue (the program starts with an empty black window):
    My way: F11 twice! (Full screen, and back)


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