Feature Request: Centralized Bookmark account and sync system

  • Hello, i am not that much technical person :) but i like to have my all bookmarks at all devices like my mobile (vivaldi isn't out for mobile yet i know but i hope it will) desktop and laptop. So a centralized bookmark system with a individual account for bookmark will be great feature and make vivaldi my default browser. Otherwise i like its simplicity and using it more often after hearing about it at cNet blog

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    Developers are working very hard on sync right now.

  • Thanks sounds excellent :cheer:

  • @Ayespy:

    Developers are working very hard on sync right now.

    Is there a specific place where this is being discussed?

    I'd like to put my 2-cents-worth in. Chiefly that whatever protocol is decided-upon, it is A] written with a good security architecture, and B] is not dependent on a specific hosting service, and ideally can be self-hosted.

    Bookmarks and web browsing history are rather detailed and private info, I don't want to entrust that to just anyone.

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