Vivaldi Wont Launch on Windows 10 - Tried everything I could find

  • Hi, I'm having major problems with the Launch of Vivaldi on Windows 10. Nothing happens. I've tried both the 32 and 64 bit versions and I've tried adding the "-no-sandbox" shit to the target command. Nothing have worked and I can't seem to uninstall Vivaldi either, but that might be Another problem. Thanks in advance Lukas Clausson

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    Has Vivaldi ever opened for you? Which version number did you install? Did you do anything special after you activated the installer, or did you just let it run?

  • This is the first time I installed Vivaldi. It has never opened for me. I installed the very latest version (1.2.479.8 I believe?) I just let the installer run, nothing more.

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    1. Have you any 3rd party security software on the machine? (some of them prevent Vivaldi from running).
    2. Have you looked at the Task Manager to see if any Vivaldi processes open when you use the shortcut?
    3. Have you gone to the folder where Vivaldi is installed and double-clicked the vivaldi.exe application in the appdata/local/Vivaldi/Application folder?
    4. I have seen a single instance where the Vivaldi installer downloaded only partially, ran but failed to install a working copy, and a new download of the full installer fixed everything.

    depending on the answers to these, we may try a few things.

    Are you using a Windows Insider preview of Win 10?

    1. No, nothing that's installed.
    2. It appears in the Task manager but is idle and doesn't do anything
    3. Yes, didn't work
    4. I have downloaded the installer several times with the same result

    I am on the latest version of the full Windows 10

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    OK. Vivaldi is starting, but something on your system is blocking the UI from opening. You do shut down the Vivaldi process you see in Task Manager before you try again, right?

    First make sure Vivaldi is not running, and go to appdata/local/Vivaldi and delete the User Data file. Then try to start it again.

    Windows 10, on a very few occasions, has been noted to mis-identify Vivaldi as an intrusion and block it. The developers have never been able to replicate this, but more than one user has reported it. Do you know how to white-list an app in the Windows firewall? How to un-block one?

    My last suggestion for the moment is to install it again, only this time as a standalone application. The option is under "Advanced" in the installer. You just pick your own location for it.

  • Installing the Standalone version seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you for the help!


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