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  • Just feedback on my personal wishes: 1. The forms fill in feature in Opera up to version 12 (only more choices available) - the addins for opera 2x series don't cut it. 2. Drop down bookmarks - again addins don't do it for me. 3. Import bookmarks etc. 4. Ability to mimic old browsers. For example one company only supports their "Daptiv" site for up to IE8! 5. Private / erasable browsing That's it

  • I will reply to this thread instead of starting my own topic.

    1. Bookmarks Bar. This is very important to me, and was one of the reasons I hated the new Opera when it was first released.
    2. A hot key that is used to open a url in a new tab when it is entered into the address bar. For chrome this is alt+enter.
    3. Better sorting of bookmarks. Currently it is a real pain to drag them into folders because of how quickly other folders expand. Also a right click option to sort bookmarks alphabetically automatically would be nice.

    Not important, but for the love of god center the logo in the top left vertically. It drives me nuts how it pushed towards the top with all that white space below it lol.

  • Also:

    • CTRL-L / F2 for focusing the address-bar is broken.
    • The windows-command "Close" (on a hotkey on the mouse) works as ctrl-F4 in most programs, but not in Vivaldi.
    • No preview on ctrl-tab (a list of all the tabs with preview should be onscreen while ctrl is held).

  • Moderator

    +1 Bookmarks Bar

    • Adons, for AdBlock and Ghostery
    • IRC Client
    • Keyboard Shortcut for "Fordward" and "Backward"

    Thank you in advance 😉

  • Adblock would be really nice such as an Evernote Web Clipper and an Evernote Clearly Addon. 🙂

  • Pinterest button!!!

  • Other browsers have a ctrl+enter function so that when you type a word eg. "opera" and hit ctrl+enter it automatically fills out the www and the .com for you. I immediately miss this when opening up Vivaldi.

  • Please (static) GO Button !!!

    I never understood because it wasn't enabled by default on Opera, I understand less why is not avaliable at all on other browsers.


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