• I have a suggestion for you. I want to the bookmark more useful. You can take as an example Opera's Bookmark. My ex browser was opera and I love the bookmark screen in opera. You should improve your bookmark like opera. Thank You.

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    Is this what you mean?

  • [attachment=3566]mac__o26__bookmarks_share.jpg[/attachment]
    it is what i mean

    The page for your favourite sites (bookmarks)

  • Also.. another suggestion for bookmarks bar: please make so to let us organize the bookmarks in a folder manually. Or edit the bookmarks in one folder (delete/ move) by clicking right click.

  • bumping this because this and RSS is the only feature that I need to migrate to vivaldi

    And by this I mean this

    alt text

    Its plain perfect and for everyone
    Bookmarks/folders/thumbnails of bookmarks and everything can be resized or selected as a list of text if you don't want thumbs


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