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  • I love the Vivaldi as I loved the old Opera. However I do find one feature very annoying: I'm used to type the web pages and google searches directly into the URL address line in the browser. Usually the browsers prefer the most visited page, but Vivaldi always gives you the first ever record entered. That means the first time you enter something by an error, you have it forever until you clean up your search history. Example: I did enter "gma" while I was expecting the browser already knows that I want to go to (I had the web opened before!), but for some reason the "Google search for gma" came up as a first entry, so I ended up visiting a Google search for "gma" string. Even though I went to gmail hundreds of times already, the browser still offers me "Google search for gma" as the first option. The same goes for pages I haven't ever visited, but they are present in the browser by default... like - it's always offered first even though I visit a Czech website frequently. The question is - is there some hidden switch to change the behaviour of the search in the address line?

  • I have exactly the same issue and it is really annoying… i have visited the german site "" several times, but still Vivaldi ALWAYS tries to auto-fill the adress bar to "sport1" - but i hate sports and mean to surf somewhere else! :evil:

    How can i disable this behavior. Or more appropriate: Have it that the browser actually tailors to my surfing habits and not to some arbitrarily preferred ones?

  • Same here. I only accidentally visited because of vivaldi preferences. This is a really annoying "feature" as of now. I'm so used to typing only 'sp' to visit spiegel online from chrome, that I am still falling for this one almost every time I'm trying to visit the site.

  • Chrome and Firefox did a lot of good work with their adress bars, I use them for almost all navigation within the browser.

    I agree, Vivaldi's suggestions are really lacking right now. It just doesn't give me the same useful suggestions as Chrome and especially Firefox do.

  • I'd like the address bar in Vivaldi to forget pages I haven't visited for a while. For example, a long time ago I visited Now, when I type gi that's the suggestion that auto-completes, never mind that I visit many other GitHub repos every day.

    This can be useful in that it helps you go back to places you're visiting but I'd like it to be a lot less persistent.

  • A way that at least works for the nytimes and sport1 problems -> delete them from your bookmarks (they are bookmarked by default) or go to settings->Address Bar-> deactivate "Always prefer bookmarks" but the last one I'd only recommend if you don't rely heavy on bookmarks
    Regarding the typo that still follows you around after the one time you typed it - you can search in your history and than just delete the typo and go on browsing again ; )

  • That's what I needed, thank you. Have now disabled Always Prefer Bookmarks. Too early to be 100%^ sure but early indications are - yep, that's got it. Thanks!

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