VIVALDI not working on Windows 7 x64 pro.

  • My system info below [img][/img] when i click vivaldi shortcut nothing happens. im also using lastest version chrome too. works good with my windows 10 laptop

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    Has it EVER opened on this system, or not at all since first installation?

  • Not seen interface in my computer ever. Even with last version..

  • not working with new version also. i couldnt use it in my pc.

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    Try to uninstall Vivaldi and install 32bit version of 1.3 final.

  • both versions doesnt start or work. same since first versions

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    Something on your machine would appear to be blocking Vivaldi or its UI. What sorts of third-party security software do you run?

  • I only run Avira Free, i closed it for trying purposes. It didnt help. I dont have most updates. Clean Windows without any virus. I researched every topic about this all of them irrevelant for my problem.

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    Avira is known to not get along with Vivaldi.

    Also, if a 3rd party security program is present, "turning it off" only limits some of its functions. It does not turn it off.

  • Added vivaldi as exeption and its still same. There is nothing wrong with avira. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 without updates. All netframework versions installed.

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    Try using these commandline keys:

  • Same problem here with Sandboxie after upgrading to version 1.3.551.30 (Stable channel) (32-Bit) under Windows 7 x64. But with the "–no-sandbox" switch the problem disappears. So thanks for the hint! :)

    Can someone give me some more details about this change in comparison to the previous release?

    I don't really know how I should go on about it: Sandboxie with this switch or no Sandboxie without it. Actually, I tend to continue using Vivaldi with Sandboxie.

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