Vivaldi don't remember settings for Pop-up-blocking

  • Hi! At work we have an intranett-solution. I have to login to this intranett and it uses an pop-up-window during login. Every time i try to access our intranett, Vivaldi blocks login by blocking this pop-up-windows. I click to allow, but next time it continue blocking. Is this a bug or a undocumented feature?

  • Welcome to the forum ronnys!

    Did you try to switch the pop-up setting via the url chrome://settings/content? The default there seems to be blocking all pop-ups. There you can allow all pop-ups or manage exceptions

  • Hi!
    Thanks for answer. I added domain in the list and now it works.

    Maybe there is an ide to add a "Remember" button when click no-block? Not many normal users know these secret adr to get into config.


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