Oh look another dead bird

  • 😞 Dead Birds... When I do not use a tab for a few hours, I come back to find the "dead bird" symbol on a black screen. F5 reloading does not fix it - I have to reenter the url. I am running 1.1.453.52 (Stable channel) (32-bit)

  • I m gonna try to leave tab open for few hours and see what happens.

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    Does this happen on all URLs or was this s special website?

  • I left Netflix tab opened over night and not seen any crash.

  • I just upgraded to the latest release and now I seem to be getting this on a lot of Yahoo pages . This browser isn't going to be much good if it keeps doing this . This is on a Win7 64 bit machine.

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    Really? Please! You don't want to give us more information? No URL, no test, no bugfix.
    Help us to investigate so we can help you.

  • @vipergg:

    This browser isn't going to be much good if it keeps doing this .

    Frankly I don think this is the right approach.

    If Vivaldi on YOUR PC has an unwanted behavior, and that happens only to you or only to a tiny minority of the user base, means that very likely what's wrong is in your PC, not in vivaldi.

    Take the word "wrong" loosely. I mean an uncommon configuration, some codec mess, an older buggy VGA driver and so on.

    So unless the problem is widespread (that happened once during the switch to chr50 engine, because of a subtle regression) the only things you can do are providing more infos about your setup, and / or test vivaldi on a clean profile (or on a new windows user) and even test vivaldi on a separate and clean win 7 installation.

    In the meantime I'll keep an eye on the bugtracker and here to understand the statistic relevance of the problem you're facing.

    You can start providing the result of vivaldi://gpu , thanks.

  • I use Win10 64x nothing error yet

  • I've been getting this a lot. Today on Yahoo.com and Facebook.com. Also http://www.damnlol.com/they-finally-did-it-69305.html
    That last one I tried in Firefox and Edge and it loads fine. I even got it at http://download.cnet.com/MWSnap/3001-2072_4-10524229.html?hasJs=n&hlndr=1 after downloading mwsnap to show screen shots.
    I think it might be a timing issue, maybe it takes to long to load an element, as I tried to open a site with embedded video, and got the screen on it, yet others claimed there was no problem with the page.

  • Windows 10 64bit Never had this before

    I just Updated to 1.3.544.25 (Developer Build) (64-bit)

    will see what happens
    I always leave tabs open throughout the Whole day

    everything is ok by me

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    Sometimes I see dead people birds in Stumble Upon. Only there, v1.2.490.43 Win7 Ultimate 32-Bit

  • "Sometimes I see dead people birds" –> teehee, i like your sense of humour. The only thing which would have made it even nicer, would have been to have included a second cultural-reference touchstone via a mention of the Norwegian Blue… Mind you, i'm not quite sure what Bruce would have made of John & Michael.


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