Add exception to https site with expired certificate

  • Hello, Manjaro's forum moved to another server, so the old forum has a certificate problem and I cannot access it any more. I get the error NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID Is there any way to set an exception for this site in vivaldi?

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    No, you cant add a expcetion.
    But a feature request to override has been sent some month before and is not ready yet. Lets wait. Teher so many new wishes and bug fixes to do.

    Manjaro? These Linux server admins should have more knowledge about servers and certificates 😞
    In meantime please contact the server admin/forum master of the forum to change his bad server/forum configuration.

  • Yes, they moved to another server and create a new forum and wiki. As the announced they will not transfer users or content from the "old forum", the will just put some tutorials and content they will find useful to the new wiki. I'm using manjaro and I have some issues and I cannot access anything of manjaro wiki or forum from vivaldi any more.

  • I'm a Manjaro user and I can access the old forum w/o any problem.

    Vivaldi just warns and asks to add an exception.

    I'm from windows now, not sure if from linux is different, I'll check later

  • I just now checked it again and I have this warning clickable message too, so I can access the site. But there wasn't any option like that until now.

  • Vivaldi evolves over time, and the chormium base evolves as well, I think isn't a vivaldi change, given I discussed that, months agom with the developers, and they were unwilling about touching the security code of the underlying engine. (which was a pretty understandable position)


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