Extremely Slow Load Time on Mac

  • Hi, Everyone, I just want to discuss that the load time on Vivaldi on Mac OS X 10.11 is extremely slow. When I load up Chrome, it blows Vivaldi out of the water in terms of load time. I have noticed the load time being very sluggish since Day 1 of using Vivaldi. I'm not sure what is causing this slow load time, but I hope the developers can fix it. Austin Evans, a tech YouTuber, recently did a video on which browser you should use. Vivaldi was included. If you look at his charts, on Mac, the load time is so much slower than other competing browsers. I hope you can fix this issue soon, as I think it would make a lot of people happier with Vivaldi. Go to: 1:34 for browser load time The Browser Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-P68I41Yuw

  • 2.7s is extremely slow? damn
    My firefox with nearly 30 extensions takes 22s to start up and I'm not complaining.
    Performance improvements and optimization are always welcome but you seem to be exaggerating a little bit.

  • For a newly bought Mac its pretty slow. And, did you see the load times for Chrome and Opera, Vivaldi falls WAY behind.

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