Thumbnails issue

  • Hi, I have been using vivaldi for some time now, to be precise almost two months, everything was fine until recently, it even became my default browser. But, now there are problems with thumbnail refreshing. It all started a couple of days ago, last update happened before that, system did not have any changes that led to this. Win 7 pro x64 is in question. This is how it looks now: [img][/img] When I press refresh it refreshes them, new thumbnails are shown and after some time they vanish. I tried with restarting the system, clearing casche, cookies etc. One more strange thing started to happen, before this saved passwords and username of the sites I was loged into were shown in the privacy menu, now they arent but I can still auto login into those sites. PS Different extension is out of the question on vivaldi, tried it, it just wont work as intended, tried it with forcing new tab url... PSS One thumbnail is shown atm on the screenshot, I refreshed it before taking the shot.

  • same issue is observed on Linux in v.1.6.x 64-bit


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