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  • :unsure: Hi. I just download Vivaldi today for testing and like what I see with the browser. One question that I have, though: It looks like the "Inspect" elements are using Google Chrome's tools. Will Vivaldi create any developer tools for developers to test/inspect their code? Thank you.

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    No, Vivaldi will use the Chromium Developer Tools.

    But you can use a Extension Web Developer.

    You want to insepct the UI of Vivaldi?
    The start vivaldi from Console witjh the current parameters:
    vivaldi.exe –flag-switches-begin --debug-packed-apps --silent-debugger-extension-api --flag-switches-end

  • I use that same WebDevloper Toolbar too; but the Firefox version has more features like "View Document Size".
    This is so handy to curb code bloat 8)

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