Vivaldi for WinXP - just received upgrade offer to version 1.0.435.46 - will this still work in XP?

  • I'm using Vivaldi 1.0.435.42 in Windows XP and today I received an update message asking if I want to update to version 1.0.435.46 (with a 404 page not found message in the information pane). Did any other users of the XP version receive this - and will the update also work in XP? [img][/img]

  • That's the final 1.0 upgrade.

    A nice gift by the Vivaldi guys to people who is still stuck with XP, Vista and Older macOS releases.

    In short any version will work in XP and Vista

    Any version will work starting from Windows 7

  • Thanks!

    Unfortunately when I clicked the button to install the update Vivaldi closed and nothing happened, so I re-opened it to be greeted by the same update message. I then tried the "later" button but Vivaldi closed again. When I re-opened it again I then chose to skip this update, but again Vivaldi seemed to crash - though when I re-opened it a third time it must have registered that I'd chosen to skip the update… because the box didn't appear.

    I then did a manual check for updates to get the box back - then I closed Vivaldi myself before clicking the "Install update" button, but all I got then was an hourglass cursor and a message saying the program had stopped working when I click the X to close it.

    Do you know of anywhere I can download this update manually?

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  • @Ayespy:


    Just I`d can to install it only at second attempt. At first it made error message and I must point that was never before.

    PS. Please excuse for my poooor English.

  • Just to confirm that it worked ok for me - thanks for the link.

    However I did have to resort to downloading it using Opera because the download kept timing out on me in Vivaldi :ohmy:

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