Print without preview?

  • Is it possible to print without a print preview? it takes 5-7 seconds before the preview renders for me, compared to firefox that does't have a preview and i can just print from the dialogue box instantly.

  • Pages are rendered as graphics, so it will take just as long to print without a preview. It's really not a bad idea to check that it's what you want before wasting paper and ink.

  • Well too bad for the trees that I have to print invoices. I dont need to preview everything I choose to print.

  • To speed things up, you have to use a browser that prints text as text. Firefox, for example. Chrome based browsers like Vivaldi and Opera 37 print as graphics, which is slower, but more reliable for accurate layout.

    This page printed from Firefox to a PDF printer is 82.9 Kbytes, printed from Vivaldi it's 590 Kbytes.

  • Has there been any progress in giving users the option to disable print preview?

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    @Dypsis Of the thousands of reported issues, I have not seen anything concerning addressing this one yet. Of course hardly anyone complains of it, which probably also means that it is not floating up to the top of the stack of issues to be addressed.

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    Use shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P and you print directly to printer.

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