Unable to use Chrome Remote Desktop

  • Hey guys, I am unable to use Chrome Remote Desktop with Vivaldi. I have the app installed ok, but upon first run it says it needs permissions, this is fine. It then goes to load a page called: vivaldi://chrome-signin?access_point=6&reason=0 I put in my Google account details and the screen just goes blank and nada. Chrome Remote still doesnt work, and if I refresh the above page it goes back to ask for a login. Any ideas? Also I am unable to use Plex via the web (I know this has been mentioned before and there is a bug report on it) but just thought I would mention it at the same time.

  • Moderator

    The signin issue is a unresolved bug [VB-11317] Chrome Sign-in doesn't work

  • Ok cool so should be resolved in a future update?

  • Moderator

    Yes, because there are more reports about that.
    Sorry for you, but i have no timeline yet when it is fixed.


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