Vivaldi crashes with error and core dumped message

  • Hi people!! This kind of message I,ve got launching vivaldi through terminal: [code]] Failed to adjust OOM score of renderer with pid xxxxx: Permission denied ... (core dumped)[/code] It has begun after allocation of vivaldi configs directory to different name: [code]mv .config/vivaldi-snapshot .config/vivaldi-snapshot.old[/code] All this been done to wipe out settings so I can finalise workout in first trouble I've explained yesterday. Seeing no results, decided to move all config back to it's default place: [code]mv .config/vivaldi-snapshot.old .config/vivaldi-snapshot[/code] As result this topic started. ))) Thx folks for any idea.

  • What distribution you use?

  • Arch Linux

  • Did you rename the directory while Vivaldi was still open? If that's the case, if it has some files still open the file descriptors would still point to the old file (in the renamed directory), and you'd end up with parts of your profile saved at two different places. You'd better close Vivaldi before messing with the profile directory 🙂

    Are you compiling Vivaldi from AUR, or are you using pre-compiled packages, e.g. from the herecura repo?


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