My initial thoughts on browser. Do you agree with this?

  • First off, great job to the Vivaldi team! This is a great browser and it has quickly become my main daily driver. Just want to share my few complaints I have; even still, I still love the browser! 1. I wish there was an easy way turn off the password manager. (looks like im not the only one who wants this. 2. A way to have multiple accounts [url=]like chrome[/url] would be extremely useful. 3. This is the one that bothers me the most. Extensions that modify web pages (such as add block and ghostery) do not work in the side web panels. Is this a bug? Or just not a added feature yet? Just curious how many of you also have noticed these things. Thanks!

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    1. The latest snapshot has the ability to turn off the password manager.
    2. Multiple accounts may come some day. This is more seasoning than meat.
    3. The Vivaldi UI is written in a totally different set of technologies than Chrome and related browsers, so the "window" that an extension is trying to manipulate or create is not a Vivaldi window. Hence, many adjustments and tie-ins have to be written from scratch in order for these extensions to work properly.


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