5 Feature-Requests and little Bug

  • Hello, I heard about this browser in a YouTube-Video. I, imedeately fell into love with this Browser. It is perfect. I know that Opera had some of this features earlier, but i regonized too, that most of the cool features got away over time. I starting to use this browser as my daily driver on my Linux-Computer. Though, I would like if you could as at least some of the following features: > Add an Mouse-Gesture to pop out the current tab. On Firefox I often did something while I watched and YT-Video. I also have a second monitor. It would be nice to have an quicker option to pop out a tab rather than rightlick the Tab and navigate to "Move Tab to -> new Window". (Maybe Drag&Drop like most other browsers?) > Custom selection of the Tab-Color rather than only decide between Light or Dark. > Automatic Search Like in Chrome. Not necessary needed but nice to have. (For example when you type "youtube.com" and than hit TAB to search on the Site) > Expand a group of Tabs with double-click. (Like in Opera) Also only nice to have. > Free arrangement/removing of Browser-Buttons (Homepage, Favs, Downloads, etc.). Im not a chuge fan of the "Side-Panel". I remove the search field because I also can search with the Address-Bar. The design of Firefox to have Downloads and Favorites next to my Address-Bar will be a nice feature to save up place. I also don't need the Homepage-Buttons since I only use "Last Session" on start. So I don't really have a homepage. I also found a Bug, that is slightly annoying: When you watch a Video on YouTube (HTML5-Player) the cursor do not disappear. This are some things I found out, where using the Browser the first day. I will use the Browser as my daily driver, because of the nice design and customization-options. I also know that this browser is very new. But it will be nice, if some of the listed features could be implemented to the browser. P.S: Sorry for spelling mistakes, I do not speak english as well.

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    I found I could make the mouse cursor disappear when watching a fullscreen video by moving it to the right edge of the screen.

  • @Pesala:

    I found I could make the mouse cursor disappear when watching a fullscreen video by moving it to the right edge of the screen.

    I know that because the cursor would then no more rendered, but this don't work, because I have a second monitor added to the right.
    Also I sometimes, just poke my mouse to see the Video-Time and in this case I would have to grab my cursor and move it out of the field (to the right/second monitor).


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