Bookmarks Toolbar Bug

  • I already reported an occasional bug I get when adding bookmarks (3rd post on ); yesterday I noticed a new one: even if my browser is set on "open bookmarks in new tab", any bookmark that is part of the bookmarks toolbar but cannot be displayed cause there's no more space on it will only open on the same tab I am browsing on; so everytime I go and click on the two arrows at the end of the toolbar and clic one of those sites, they won't open in a new tab. This does not happen with any bookmark in the side men u or directly on the toolbar

  • Moderator

    Ah. A new twist on a known bug. Most people who have overflow bookmarks on the bookmark bar find them completely unresponsive for all conditions. But if you're on a Mac and have your bookmarks set to open in new tabs, at least you can get them to open. Something for the developers to note!


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