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  • I'm running Vivaldi 1.2.470.11 (Developer Build) (64-bit) with Windows 10x64 OS. I'm having trouble with the Zoom feature to increase the Web Page Appearance. Because of my vision, I want everything to display at 130% size. Under settings/Appearance, I have Interface Zoom set to 130%. Under settings/tabs, I have set default web page zoom to 130% and have checked off 'Use Tab Zoom' which is supposed to retain the zoom level when navigating between web sites. In spite of these settings, I keep having web pages revert to 100% instead of the 130% and am constantly having to use the zoom slider in Vivaldi to change it to the 130% I want.

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    works for me with Vivaldi 1.2.470.11 (32-bit and 64bit) on Windows 10x64

    1. Open settings
    2. Select Apperance
    3. Set UI zoom to 130%
    4. Select Webpages
    5. Set Zoom to 130%
    6. Untick "Use Tab zoom"
    7. Close settings window

    Thats all.
    Now UI and pages all have 130%.

  • Out of those steps, the only thing I needed to do was untick the "use Tab Zoom". That worked. Thanks. The only reason I checked it was because of the explanation that's next to the setting: " retain the zoom level when navigating between web sites." You would think that without checking it, it would not retain the zoom level between web sites. Oh well, I'm just happy for the solution. Thanks again :)

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    I misunderstood it too as the new Zoom was invented and wondered why zoom did not stay.
    I think the explanation near Tab Zoom setting needs more refinement.

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