[Suggestion] load page form memory after Vivaldi (re)start

  • Load a page from memory and not the internet after starting Vivaldi. My preferred goal is to minimise the internet footprint of Vivaldi when starting. Why load something that has already been loaded?! This makes it a nightmare to start Vivaldi with any number of tabs open and makes it almost impossible when there is no internet connection!

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    This is already largely the case.

    Vivaldi fetches the "live" page in a session from the internet, it seems, when you first start up, and does not fetch background pages AT ALL. Then when you switch to another tab, it fetches THAT one from cache, (unless it's an HTTPS page) etc. You actually are getting each tab as it was when you shut down in most cases. The exception would be for pages that required a sign-in, or a form submission, usually.

    It doesn't seem like it, because fetching from cache takes so unbearably long, which makes no sense at all, but is a common problem with Chromium-based browsers. The footprint is already minimized to a large degree. NOW what needs to happen is for both Chrome and Vivaldi code to be improved to the point where there is no discernible delay on fetching from cache.

  • Thank you for your explanation!

    To bad, I have fond memories of Opera with my T500 on 3G. I preload everything on wifi at home and when I was on the move I had nog issues starting Opera or decreasing internet usage to a absolute minimum.
    Issues concerning what we are discussing here. However, this totally subjective! 🙂

    At the moment, if I wish to make sure that when using Vivaldi everything behaves exactly the same as when I left it.., I need to usage the OS sleep / hibernate functionality 😞

    My dreams tell me this was not the case with Opera en Presto.. Those days.. You could go surf the net and actually find something without being scared of al different kinds of BS..
    I remember that I customized every cookie setting of every site I visited..
    blah blah 🙂

    Thanks again Ayespy!


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