How to disable popup blocking?

  • Hi, I am using an online CRM which generates pop up windows for sending emails, but these windows do not appear in Vivaldi (they do in Chrome& Firefox) I presume this is due to a popup blocker but I could not find in the options any setting to enable / disable popup windows. How do I enable / disable popups for specific pages / applications?

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    Hm. I get all of my popups here. I wonder what the difference is.

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    May be the CRM tries to create a tab dependand Javascript window, there is a bug in Vivaldi which prevent this this. 😞

  • Hi, does this topic have a ticket? just to be able to monitor whether it has been solved, In Vivaldi 1.1 it is still not working

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    I dont know because we dont know the CRM you use. Do you have a demo account? We need to test it.

    You may check Vivaldi Latest Snapshots, they may fix bugs.

  • I've been having this issue too at my work using OpenText v11. In Firefox, it will pop up a window and then when I'm finished I click OK and the window closes and the page underneath updates. With Vivaldi, I don't get a pop up but a new tab and when I'm finished and click OK, it just hangs. When I close the tab manually and refresh the original page, it hasn't made any changes. For the time being, I've been using Firefox again to use our CMS.

  • Hello

    Same sort is issue with a web based application (php) we use .

    Spam titan is the application.

    Most of the time it does not create popups at all however notice sometimes (rarely) it will create a new tab.

    What is needed to help resolve this issue ?


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    Unfortunately, the "not created popup"windows are a bug in Vivaldi.


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