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  • Hi there!! Thank you so much to devteam for this project!! So, is it possible to set vivaldi icon in the same level with a tabs icons? Was thinking there's my current gtk bug (trying others, same behavior). Screen bellow. Thx. [url=][img][/img][/url]

  • You need to check 'remove tab spacing in maximized windows' in settings > tabs

  • Thank you!
    No success.


    Looks like I need to explain a bit more.
    Well. Maybe you don't understand what I'm talking about.
    I mean vivaldi button's icon which is very left.

  • Just tried stable version.
    All the same.
    GTK theme changed to equinox dark.

  • Oh, i did understand but didn't realize it's linux section and it could work differently there. This setting works on windows.
    Maybe try those modifications or ask there.

    This is how it looks for me.

  • Thx. Will try.

  • Hi, I think I found a bug that 'remove tab spacing in maximized windows' does not work anymore.
    I use this setting for a very long time but sometimes space aperes back and setting does not work anymore.
    Today I play with new tab page settings and after setup a new tab page (local blank page) the space comes back.
    As I set the start page to the same page I cant remember when the space aperes again but one of the settings break the setting 'remove tab spacing in maximized windows' and it is not working anymore.
    IIRC the setting work again after update Vivaldi to the next version.
    I am on Vivaldi 1.2.470.11.

    Cheers, mib


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